Altrusa's Nutrition Support Program



Our nutrition programs serves between 30 and 40 of the children in our orphanages. Many of these children are malnourished.  The caretakers identify those who are most below average in height and weight for their age and/or anemic (common), and put them on special high-iron, high-protien diets.


We get monthly reports on each child, so we're able to follow their progress.  Once they reach age-normal criteria, the children return to their normal diets so that other children can join the program.


It takes $70 a month per child to bring these orphans back to health.  Adequate nutrition pays great dividends in the children's abilities to learn, play, and enjoy life.


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Nanjing doctor, Dr. Li, who has worked with Amity Foundation before, oversees  the nutrition projects.  She visits each child in the program twice a year.  Each month, she reviews the data collected on each child (measurements such as height and weight, any lab tests done and a summary of their food intake) and makes recommendations to the orphanage staff.  They have set up a group on QQ (an Internet app like Facebook) so there can be fast and easy communication between the doctor and the orphanage staff.  There, the orphanage staff can ask her questions whenever they have concerns about a particular child.


Click here for pictures of Dr. Li's December, 2013 visits to the orphanages.


Visit these pages for individual case reports typical of those in our program:


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These life-saving products are expensive, but they create opportunities these children would otherwise never see.


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