Ganzhou Orphanage Nutritional Program Highlights


Our nutritional support program at Ganzhou has just begun (as of March, 2013).  Thus far we've enrolled just two children, and will grow the program slowly, with your support.


This little guy was born in October of 2013 with deformity of vertebra, pelvis, and legs. He joins our program with severe malnutrition, far below norms for weight, height, and arm circumference.  We're very hopeful that nutritional support can help him advance to a state in which he can begin learning some skills and enjoying life more.





Z.Y. was born on March 30, 2011, with Down's Syndrome.  Though she's gained a kilogram since she started on the program, her height, weight, and arm circumference are all sadly below average.  We think she's above average on the cuteness scale, though.