Ruijin Nutritional Support Program Highlights

Click on the link to see growth charts of four year old JM that show what amazing results good nutrition can bring.
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JD is 11 months old. He is diagnosed with anemia.

In April of 2015, he weighed 6 kg and was 66 cm tall. At our August visit, he weighed 9 kg and was 71 cm tall. 

JD is steadily improving. He cannot climb, but he can sit with help, and walk for 2-3 steps. He can hold things. He can cry and pronounce “Yi, Ya.” Breakfast: Rice porridge or noodles; lunch and dinner: a little rice porridge and rice noodles. He drinks milk three times a day, 170ml per meal. He eats a steamed egg every day, and eats soup or a mash of fat occasionally. Daily supplement: Ferrous fumarate and Vitamin AD.

JD is also eleven months old. She is diagnosed with congenital heart disease.


In April 2015, she weighed 4 kg and was 60 cm tall. At our August visit, she weighed 6.5 kg and was 66cm tall. 


She still looks thin, with big shining eyes. She looks at people during conversations. She recognizes her family members, babbles to herself, and laughs when being tickled. She can stand on her feet when supported by the armpits, and can sit by herself. She also crawls, turns over in bed, reaches out for cookies, and holds her milk bottle. She has a good appetite and take nine meals each day, five at day time and four others at night. Each meal, she takes about 240ml, and some rice, porridge or a small bowl of noodles. She eats one steamed egg pudding each day. Her regular food includes bone soup, applesauce, and one calcium gluconate a day.

   Since April, doctors have focused on increasing milk and adding egg, fish paste, mashed vegetable, fruit puree and other food supplements. Blood and liver tests became increasingly more normal, and in July, they added rice, porridge, noodles, broth, bone soup, and minced lean meat.




JM is four years, four months old. He is diagnosed with rickets.


In May 2015, heweighed 15 kg and was 100 cm tall. At our August visit, he weighed 16.5kg and was 105cm tall. 


JM has grown well and became much taller. His cuteness makes his family love him more. He is good at expressing himself. He can take care of his daily needs of feeding, dressing, and toothbrushing, but needs adult help in the shower. Meiquan can count, sing, dance, and recite of some paragraphs of Tang Poems. He liked to play with his friends, and shares his things with others. He eats a bowl of rice each meal, with meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. nearly a year old. He has a cytomegalovirus infection.

At our last visit in July 2014, Jialiang weighed 8kg and was 69cm tall. At this visit, he was 8.5 kg and 70cm.He is growing steadily in height, starting out around the 3rd percentile and now at about the 15th percentile or a little above. And his weight for his height has improved significantly. Initially he was well below the 3rd percentile--so very thin--and now his weight is average for his height! This improved nutrition will continue to help him as his height catches up and he gains weight to keep up with his growth in height.

J. is growing to be a rather plump and likeable child. Her imitation ability is very good: she can imitate dancing on the television. She likes for her grandmother to play with her. Her diet is very good: every day she has three servings of milk (each serving is 240ml), a half bowl of rice, and an egg. She also eats small servings of meat, vegetable broth, tofu, and fruit. At our last visit in July 2014, Jiahong weighed 10kg and was 75cm tall. At this visit, she was 10kg and 77cm.

M. is a very weak child, and, as a result, she eats very slowly, usually taking around two hours for each meal. Her head gets very tired after being held up for so long, so when she eats food, she often will place her head on the table and use a spoon to slide the food into her mouth. Every day, she has three servings of milk (each serving is 200ml) and one egg. She also eats vegetables, meat, fish, and soup. At our last visit in July 2014, Meixiang weighed 11.8kg and was 103cm tall. At this visit, her data was the same.

M. is three, and has rickets. At our last visit in July 2014, Meiquan weighed 11.7kg and was 94cm tall. At this visit, he was 12kg and 95cm. Every day, he has two servings of milk (each serving is 300ml). He also has half of a supplement tablet every day. Every day he has one egg and he eats a bowl of rice with every meal. He also eats vegetables, all kinds of soups, and meat.