Shangrao Orphanage Nutritional Program Highlights



R.F. is one and a half years old, and has congenital heart disease.  She is said to be very curious; she can stand when assisted and is starting to talk.  She’s a cuddler, eats well, and sleeps soundly.  Since she began our program, she's gained 10 cm in height, 2 kg in weight, and 1 cm in arm circumference.



This cutie is almost a year old now.  She was born prematurely and was suffering from malnutrition, but with our help has grown 4 cm in five months, and gained 2.3 kg.  She loves to talk and coo with her mother, understands and speaks simple language, and is in good general health.

R.F., seen here with her Hugging Grandma, was recently hospitalized due to a fever. She initially returned to the orphanage for observation, and then she was sent back to her foster family. Due to her illness she is somewhat lethargic, and has trouble standing even when supported. She sleeps restlessly and is easily awoken.  On our program she has gained 1.5 kg and grown 6 cm.





R.F. is going on one year old.  She is very active and can stand with support; she is reaching and grasping objects, and responding to language.  She was born prematurely, and nutritional support is helping her to catch up.  She’s grown 5.5 cm and gained 1.2 kg in four months.