Bringing Aid to Children in China's Orphanages





Updated March 14, 2023


Below is a list of some of the orphans, Hugging Grannies, teachers and therapists in need.  Sponsors don't need to donate the full amount listed below, as each can have more than one sponsor, so any amount helps.  Small amounts, especially when given monthly, can really add up, and any of these needs can be split up into monthly donations.  Email if you'd like a link to monthly giving or have any other questions.




Yichun Special Education Class 


13 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy needs $600



   Ji'an Special Education Teachers


We have three Hugging Grannies at the Ji'an SWI that are working as Special Education Teachers. They volunteer for a full day and get a higher stipend than our other Grannies.  Approximately another $900 is needed for them and donations of any amount would help.


Shangrao Physical Therapy


Shangrao :  16 year old girl (originally from Hengfeng) with cognitive impairment and cerebral palsy needs $588


Hugging Grannies


These women provide extra love and attention to the children and also help with rehab exercises and special education.  They are volunteers, but do receive a monthly stipend of $109 per month (but many have more than one sponsor, so any amount can help).  We have Hugging Grannies at these orphanages:














The most in need are our Hugging Grannies at the Yichun SWI (children from the Shanggao, Yifeng, Tonggu, Fenxin, Wanzai, Gao'an, Fengcheng, and Zhangshu orphanages are now also cared for at the Yichun SWI).  Please consider helping!




We provide

  • Foster care (now mostly in small group homes with 4-5 children in each)
  • Hugging Grannies
  • School tuitions
  • Special education teachers
  • Physical therapists
  • Service trips with U.S. professionals providing training to Chinese staff (on hold due to Covid)

...and meet various other needs for children in several orphanages in the Jiangxi province in China.


We publish reports from each orphanage twice a year. These reports go to those who have indicated their interest in that particular location. If you'd like to do that, just email us under "Sign up for our newsletters!" at the left.

As you can see, Jiangxi is in the southeast of China. **

Our current focus is on special education. Due to the recent regionalization of orphanages (read more here), the institutions have increased populations of children with severe disabilities, and professional special educators have become even more essential.


Where in the past we’ve encouraged donors to sponsor a child in foster care, now we’re inviting you to sponsor a child who needs special education. Just as in the past, you’ll receive two reports a year on that child’s progress, while your donation goes to pay the professionally-trained teacher’s salary.


To sponsor a child, or get more information and photos, please email Peggy. To learn more about our special education efforts, click here.

Featured Sponsor 

eQuilter is dedicated to helping those in need.

2% of all sales are donated to charity.

** (Image attribution: Map_of_PRC_with_province_names_zh-cn.svg: Created by User:PhiLiP.derivative work: Translation by Peter Potrowl / CC BY-SA (