Current Projects

In the 24 years we’ve been caring for Jiangxi orphans, the situation in the orphanages has changed a lot. The children are older and most have significant special needs.  Most recently, there has been a move by the Jiangxi provincial government towards regionalization. This has meant a decrease in foster children and a massive increase in the needs of the Social Welfare Institute to provide physical rehabilitation and special education. So our focus has changed to help meet those needs.


The children who have moved to regional facilities no longer need foster care sponsorship, but they still urgently need our financial support. We want to spotlight specific children who need rehab services and ask you to sponsor one or more of them.That way, we can raise money to hire physical therapists and special education teachers, and still connect you with individual children to support and love as you follow their development.


Our main projects at this time are:

  • Special Education Teachers
  • Physical Therapists
  • Community Foster Care
  • On Site Foster Care Group Homes
  • Hugging Grannies
  • School Sponsorships


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One Time or Occasional Projects


Sometimes orphanages have an urgent one-time need, and when we have funds available, we make a one time donation to them for this need.  If you have a specific Jiangxi orphanage you woud like to help, and perhaps others that would like to donate with you, we can check with that orphanage so see what their needs are. 


Examples of needs met include formula, clothes washing machines, an incubator, air conditioners, winter clothing, special educational resources, and rehab equipment.