Our volunteers are amazing.



  • Create newsletters from the monthly visits made to orphanages by the Amity Foundation staff. 


  • Organize local fundraisers. This is something your kids might like to get involved with as well.


  • Help us spread the word about what we do on your social media and face-to-face circles of friends and acquaintances.


  • If you're a professional (physical therapist, special education teacher, nurse, occupational therapist, etc.) who has experience with disabled children, you're invited to go to China with us on a service trip!


Contact Peggy for more information on all of these opportunities.


One of our teenage volunteers raised over $600 for her younger sister's orphanage (Chongren SWI) by creating and selling bracelets. This was used to purchase high quality formula for the babies at the orphanage.  Click on this link to read an article about her fundraiser.