Hugging Grannies

When we began our program, the orphanages had many babies all in a room full of cribs where they laid all day long. Our Hugging Granny programbrought volunteers into the orphanages where they could hold these babies and give them some loving attention. Over the years the role of our Grannies has changed. There are now fewer babies in the orphanages, especially fewer healthy babies, and more handicapped children. So many of our Hugging Grannies function as physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, or teachers, especially as these therapists are hard for the orphanages to find and provide for the children.


The Hugging Grannies still give the loving attention to these children that they used to give to the babies.  But in addition, they do rehab exercises with them and teach them basic life skills.  Some of these children aren't allowed to attend local schools because of their disabilities, so the Grannies teach them basic knowledge, often through play, singing, and dancing.  And for the children in foster homes, some of our Grannies visit the foster homes and teach the foster parents to do rehab exercises with their foster child.  Some of the Grannies are doctors or nurses and work in the orphanage clinic providing needed medical care.


Each Granny is considered a volunteer, but is given a monthly stipend to cover some of her expenses, such as travel to the orphanage and meals away from home.  Their monthly stipend is 700 yuan, and with the current exchange rate this is about $108 per month, which includes Amity Foundations's 7% admin fee.


This program uses donor dollars most efficiently, because one Hugging Granny has a huge impact on many children. For these children, the effect of generous affection from a consistent adult cannot be overstated!