School Sponsorships

For the first time, one of our orphans came to the US as a high school exchange student (during the 2013-14 school year). What  a life-changing experience this has been for her.  See the .pdf file below for some photos, as well as a letter from her and one from her host mother.

Orphan Comes to the US as an Exchange Student
RJM newsletter to sponsors.pdf
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Other orphanage children need support to attend special education schools, which can include schools for the deaf and schools for the blind.


Our younger children in foster care often need sponsorship for school.  The government in China will pay for schooling if the child attends the school assigned to them based on their address (in this case the orphanage address).  But if the child is in foster care and instead goes to the school near the foster home, then their schooling is not covered.  Due to the importance of having the children in a loving, supportive foster home, we feel it is worth the additional cost to pay for schooling.  The child also benefits by being at school with non-institutionalized children.  Sometimes the other children at the school don't even know they are an orphan, and they avoid the stigma and taunting the comes with their status as an orphan.


For the older children, especially those in academic high schools or college the costs are higher and often the cost is shared by more than one sponsor.  Do you have a friend or family member you'd like to partner with?


As is the case with the foster sponsors, each school sponsor receives a report (with photo) on their child twice a year.